Mountainbike Camp Parent Handout


Snowmass Recreation Center/ Roaring Fork Cycling Mountainbike Camp Parent Handout 

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Dear Parents and Athletes, 


Thank you for joining Roaring Fork Cycling’s Mountain Bike Program. 2020 marks our 5th year of summer camps, and we are delighted that you have chosen to join us! Our coaches are looking forward to welcoming those who are new to our programs, and welcoming back those whose bikes are already covered in RAD stickers. 


There are many uncertainties surrounding summer activities nationwide. One thing that is certain is that this season will be unlike any other. Circumstances beyond our control are continuing to change, and our dynamic team is ready to adapt as necessary. More details about program modifications will be issued closer to the first day of camp. The following information is the basic platform upon which this year’s programs will be built. Everyone here at Roaring Fork Cycling is working hard to make this summer memorable due to safely sharing amazing experiences on bikes.


Please keep in mind that there is more to our story than just summer camps; Roaring Fork Cycling is a community-supported non-profit organization. We offer free after school programs in local middle schools, support local high school race teams, and create outreach opportunities for those in need and/or less likely to participate. Any additional revenue earned beyond the cost of this program goes towards supporting our mission and vision in the community. Should you have any questions or would like to find a way to support RFC further, please don’t hesitate to reach out. 




Tyler Durham

Managing Director 


Daily Schedule: 

9am – Rider Drop Off and Bike/Gear Checks 

9am – 10am – Skills Development 

10am – 10:30am – Break/Snack/Prepare for Rides 

10am – 12pm – Trail Ride 


12pm – Rider pick-up for 1st and 2nd grade campers


12pm – Lunch on Trail 

12pm – 3pm – Riding, Exploring, and Fun 

3pm – Rider Pick-up for 3rd-6th grade campers

This schedule is a rough guideline *Rider Drop Off and Pick Up will be in front of the Snowmass Recreation Center.* 


Daily Gear List: 

Mountain Bike(geared) – must be in good working condition 

Dropper or a Quick Release Collar on seatpost 

A tube that fits the tire currently on the bike 



Closed Toed Shoes 

Full Finger Gloves

Hydration Pack 

Moisture Wicking Top 

Chamois (highly recommended) 

Sunscreen / Lip Balm 

Rain Jacket / Layer for Rainy and/or cooler days 

Trail Appropriate Lunch and Extra Snacks (please minimize container sizes for your 

riders’ enjoyment.) 

Optional: Knee and Elbow Pads 


Bikes/Gear Bikes must be in good shape and riding condition. Gears must be shifting properly. Brakes must be working appropriately. Tires should have good tread and be able to hold air pressure. Grips should be secure, not overly worn and ends of the bars cannot be exposed. No kickstands are allowed on bikes. 

We recommend having bikes checked over thoroughly by a mechanic at a local shop prior to attending the camp. If you have any questions about the quality or state of your athlete’s bike, feel free to contact us. 

  • Helmets must fit properly, be in good condition and free of any major impacts. 
  • Glasses must be clean and free of major scratches/scuffs that impair vision. 
  • Gloves must fit properly and be bike specific/appropriate. 
  • Shoes must be closed toed and well fitted. 
  • Knee and Elbow Pads are recommended. 

Food Cycling can be high exertion. We recommend packing additional food so that your athlete can make it through the day feeling strong and on top of their game. Please minimize the size of containers so that food fits easily in a trail pack. 


Hydration A hydration backpack (Cambelback or any other brand) can really help with the trail experience and allow your athlete to keep up with their fluid intake. Consider packing an additional bottle for a calorie/electrolyte drink such as Gatorade or Skratch. This is not required, but can be a great treat for the trail. 


Clothing / Protection Cycling specific clothing can make all the difference. A chamois, jersey, cycling shoes, etc., can really help an athlete feel better on the bike. We recommend a breathable, moisture wicking t-shirt, durable shorts and closed toed shoes at minimum. For cooler days, a warm layer will help when riding skills and drills or during any down time. ****All athletes are highly encouraged to carry a rain jacket – even on the clearest, sunniest days, we can be struck by a surprise afternoon rain burst. It is important to be prepared.*** 


Electronics / Toys / Games / Cell Phones Roaring Fork Cycling is a bike riding camp/program. If athletes choose to carry a phone, we expect that the phone is used just as that and has a minimal presence during the day. (Phones to be used as cameras are fine.) Cameras are appropriate, but are the sole responsibility of the athlete. Roaring Fork Cycling accepts no responsibility or liability for your athletes phones or devices. Should a phone or other device become a distraction or nuisance, we will relieve the athlete of the device and return it to the parent/guardian at the end of the day. 


Inclement Weather Colorado is blessed with over 300 days of sunshine a year. Roaring Fork Cycling is an outdoor based program. We will continue to be outdoors in a wide range of temperatures and conditions. In the event that severe weather prevents the program from continuing outside, Roaring Fork Cycling will relocate to the safest shelter and then move to the Snowmass Recreation Center. Alternative activities will include; maintenance sessions, yoga, indoor games, mountain biking films, and biking-themed crafts. As soon as the weather is conducive/safe to return outside, the program will return to biking! 


Late Drop Off / Pick Up Roaring Fork Cycling is aware that things can happen. Should you be late to drop off your athlete to the program, we will make every attempt to accommodate you in catching your athlete up to the program. There will be no drop-offs/pick-ups mid-ride. Should your athlete need to be picked up early, it will need to be arranged with the coach at the start of the day. Special pick-ups will not be allowed to have an effect on the integrity or schedule of the program. Late Drop Offs and Early Pickups will be accommodated at the next, most appropriate transition time. 


Loose Ends – Questions – Comments Should you have any questions, comments or concerns about the program, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here to help make sure you and your athlete have the best possible experience on the bike. 


Thank you again for your support of our programs! 


Maddie Voshell Business Director 



TylerDurham Managing Director


General Information


The 2020 Swap will be held July 11th from 10:00 am-2:00 pm at Ragged Mountain Sports in Carbondale.


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