Empowering Youth Through Cycling

Our Guiding Principles

Roaring Fork Cycling is a non-profit organization that provides skills-based cycling programs, clinics and camps for kids K-12.


RFC wants to get all youth on bikes, give them the skills to feel confident and safe, and ride with them as far as they want to go.


RFC aims to help provide these experiences to under-represented demographics. It doesn’t take much to get started in cycling, but if you still need help with equipment, please send us a personal email so we can help.


Coaches will have all the necessary training when it comes to teaching mountain biking skills and leading safe outdoor adventures.  Equally as important, our coaches will be trained as effective teachers, leaders, and mentors.

Stewardship & Advocacy

Young riders will learn how to be respectful ambassadors of the sport by understanding and practicing trail etiquette, serving as role models, and participating in trail work days.

Lifestyle, Life-long Sport

RFC hopes to instill a love for being outdoors and healthy lifestyle choices by participating in a sport that can carry youth into their advanced years. For some students, a natural evolution of this program will be to join a high school mountain bike team. For others, it may be simply to continue the sport in a non-competitive realm.

Teamwork & Social Engagement

Provide a fun, supportive program for children and young adults to work together and hang out with their peers.

Our Coaches

Roaring Fork Cycling’s team of coaches have been consistently trained to effectively teach mountain biking skills in a fun, safe environment. We require First Aid and CPR for all our coaches, and select members of RFC’s team have advanced First Aid and Wilderness First Aid training.  Equally as important, RFC’s coaches are effective teachers, leaders, and mentors.  We are building our team, and if spreading the love of cycling is part of your dream, join us!


Email us for further information about our coaching clinics and requirements.


I am so in awe of cycling, and how it can transform children (and adults), to give them confidence, perseverance, determination, stamina, a huge support community, all while having the biggest smiles I have ever seen on their faces. I initially moved to the valley in 1997 to teach skiing, and my love for teaching drew me to coaching mountain biking as well! Im here to support Roaring Fork Cycling’s mission to get more people on bikes, regardless of age, gender or socioeconomic status. I have seen first hand what biking has done, and continues to do, that I just want all children (and adults, especially women) to experience the amazing benefits of the sport.

Kristen Heath

Executive Director

I grew up in Evergreen, a mountain town on the Colorado Front Range. As a junior athlete I was focused on alpine ski racing, road racing and rock climbing. In college and again in my late 30's I raced xc mtb and during the second stint I raced at the pro level in Marathon and Ultra Endurance xc mtb races. I got into coaching in 2013 at the behest of a training partner that would consistently drop me on training rides but I would beat him in actual races. That initial client athlete led to numerous referrals that were mainly masters age or elite level adults. In 2018, I began coaching junior athletes with RFC. Initially summer group rides and Fall high school racing. High school racing introduced me to athletes and parents interested in USA Cycling and UCI xc mtb races in the spring and summer, so I started Pinnacle Jr MTB team in spring of 2020.
2024 is our fifth season and Pinnacle Jr MTB team is established as a top junior program in Colorado and in turn the country.

Scott Leonard

Head coach of Pinnacle jr Mountain Bike Race Team

Cole Baxter

Head coach of BMX

Living in the Roaring Fork Valley without a bike is like living in Hawaii without a surfboard! Skiing has historically been my number one passion, but I always forget about skiing completely by September! Mountain biking has allowed me to connect to nature and helped me stay happy and healthy. I believe there is no reason why the Roaring Fork Valley should not have the same kind of development programs the community of Durango has! I am a Level 2 PMBIA certified coach. I have coached with Roaring Fork Cycling, AVSC, and the Snowmass Bike Park. I am currently a Mountain and Gravel Biker, but I aspire to become a Road Bike Guy this summer!

Alex Minneo

Head coach of Enduro

I was born and raised in Basalt and my love for biking was guided by Roaring Fork Cycling! I am now a student at Fort Lewis college studying business administration and racing on the cycling team. When I’m home for the summer my favorite trail to ride is Vasten, or anywhere up in snowmass. You can find me coaching the Pinnacle mtb team, racing or directing at an Aspen Cycling Club event, or riding in the Tuesday night local downhill series!

Levi Logan


I started mountain biking when I moved to Colorado 7 years ago, and have been coaching since last summer! I love the outdoors and meeting people who share similar interests. Aside from mountain biking I enjoy hiking, camping and skiing. I'm excited to coach women's clinics this summer with RFC, and I hope to inspire confidence and push more women to get out there on bikes!

Nicole Schober

Women’s Coach

Katrina's journey began with rides alongside her ex-boyfriends, but she quickly discovered the joy of hitting the trails with her lady friends. These rides became more about sharing life updates and less about bike mechanics. Specializing in steep, surfy terrain, Katrina is passionate about introducing more women to mountain biking. She earned her PMBIA certification in Whistler last summer and loves helping intermediate riders enhance their climbing and descending skills. Join Katrina for a ride that's equal parts adventure and girl talk!

Katrina Engelsted

Women's Coach

Erik Obermeyer

Private Coach

Hi, I am Megan Heath. I was born and raised in Basalt Colorado. My first time mountain biking was through the free RFC after school programming. I quickly fell in love with biking and joined the SHEredder program in the summer, and Pinnacle all through High School. I have been coaching RFC for 4 years, and I am studying Biology on the pre med track at Drexel University in Philadelphia. I am excited to share my passion and experience with others.

Megan Heath


I am a 7th grade science teacher at Rifle Middle School where I started the ``Flowstate`` mountain biking and the ski clubs. I grew up biking in Communist Romania and lived in Colorado for the last 25 years. I love inspiring middle schoolers to ride in the most beautiful places of our state and my goal is to make this sport accessible to all students regardless of socio economic status. My favorite areas to ride are Rifle Arch and 18 Road in Fruita and my favorite thing to see is all students getting into the flowstate on an epic trail.

Teodor Miu

Head Coach Rifle Ride Club

Favorite Cycling Discipline: I love anything that involves a bicycle from racing, recreation, to commuting and all types of bicycles, Road, Mountain XC, Enduro, Gravel, Fat Bikes and BMX! If it involves riding or racing a bike I am all in.
As for why I coach: I really enjoy sharing the knowledge with young people that has taken me decades to obtain and watching them progress in whatever their personal cycling/life goals might be.

Joel Mischke

Pinnacle Coach

I started mountain biking in 5th grade through the RFC after school program. Then I joined Boys Devo and I am currently a member of the Pinnacle Race Team. I enjoy racing with the Aspen Cycling Club, High School League and State and National Championships. My favorite trails are fast and flowy! This will be my third year coaching and I just got certified as a Level 1 coach with PMBIA (Professional Mountain Bike Instructors Association).

Liam Heath


Riding bikes is my favorite way to pass time during the summer. I especially love being able to spend all day on the bike: long mountain bike rides and bike packing/touring alike. For me, coaching/instructing is a natural extension of the sport; helping others discover the joy of the bike, and sharing my passion with them.

Nicolette Jones


Hi! My name is Markus and I was born and raised in Aspen. I first got into MTB racing during my freshman year, racing the CO High School League. Then I raced with the RFC Pinnacle team from 2020-2022. I enjoy riding mountain and road bikes. I am now studying and riding bikes for Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado.

Markus Dewire


Hi! My name is Corbin and grew up in Colorado racing bikes. I was lucky enough to be a part of the Pinnacle Team for a handful of years along with various other Roaring Fork Cycling programs. I am now a nordic skier for the University of Alaska Anchorage, but I still enjoy riding my bike whenever I have a free moment. Roaring Fork Cycling helped guide my passion for bikes and I hope to share my love with other people. My favorite trails include pretty much anything in this valley, they’re hard to beat.

Corbin Carpenter

Boy’s Devo

Heidi Kanayan
PSIA 3 / PMBIA 2 / PRO MTB / BS Kinesiology

After 25 years in racing (XC, CX (pro), DH, Enduro (pro), Short track, 24hrs (pro)) and beginning my coaching journey in 2003 I am ready to go full force into coaching. Pulling from my 25 years of teaching Alpine skiing, degree in Kinesiology, and 2.5 decades of racing I am thrilled to help others achieve their goals no matter how big or small. My favorite coaching scenario is getting the chance to help a client find new ownership of skills that aids them in feeling more confident on the bike and riding with more enjoyment. This includes helping riders find a new level of speed and fluidity in racing. Let's ride!

Heidi Kanayan

rfc portrait

Hi, my name is Lucas. I grew up in the valley, learning to mountain bike with the Roaring Fork Cycling Development programs. I attend CRMS as an upcoming senior, and I race for them and the Pinnacle team across the country. I am excited to share my passion for bikes and local riding!

Lucas Berry


Board of Directors

Riley Tippet, President
John Cibulsky, Treasurer
Cara Borchers
Amber Trzcinski
Lee Bowers
Jamie Maybon
Peter Santini
Maggie Casey
Alan Luu
*Chris Geiger, Legal Council

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