Pinnacle Teams

Roaring Fork Cycling’s Pinnacle MTB is a top-tier program for high school and elite-level junior xc racers. In the past three years, this junior team has established itself as a cutting–edge xc program located in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. We achieve results via an optimized combination of group training rides and private, elite-level coaching. 


The program is designed for high school-aged riders that wish to pursue xc racing at their highest level. During spring, summer, and fall, the Pinnacle Teams will train for and compete in xc and marathon xc events in CO and throughout the US. We are excited to announce that the 2024 Pinnacle program will see several upgrades, including:

  • The addition of four noteworthy assistant coaches (see below);
  • Options to choose between two teams, Race team or High School (HS) team;  The intent is to provide programs that fit the varying needs and desires of our participants. Athletes’ goals range from those aspiring to compete as World Cup racers to those riders motivated by the challenging group rides, but don’t want to commit to a more rigorous, full-time training program.


Scott Leonard, our head coach, and program director, is an ex–pro-level marathon xc racer and an elite-level Master’s racer. He has ten years of experience as an elite-level private coach, 5 of those years coaching the Aspen- Basalt high school teams.  In 2020, Scott co-founded the Pinnacle program.  This year, Scott will be assisted by Joel Mischke, Justin White, Markus Dewire, Levi Logan, Cooper Shanks, and Stephan Davoust.

  • Cooper is a current pro road and gravel racer and has extensive knowledge of high-level training and racing. 
  • Stephan Davoust is a current top-level pro xc racer with a Marathon national championship and short-track Nationals runner-up on his recent resume. Stephan guest coached with Pinnacle in 2022. 



These coaches have the ability to ride at the front with the best juniors and supply significant, nuanced, and elite knowledge to the program. Pinnacle has arguably the best coaching staff of any junior program in North America.

All training is prescribed, tracked, and analyzed with TrainingPeaks.


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