High School Race Team

Pinnacle High School Team:

Pinnacle HS team 


The Pinnacle HS team will pursue a similar program as the Race team, but without the power-based solo training program on days between the group rides. The HS team is for riders that excel at high school-level racing and enjoy the challenging group rides but don’t want to commit to a full-time program.


The 2023 program will commence on February 26th with two weekly group rides on Sundays and Thursdays.

Pinnacle HS Team riders have the option to travel with the Race Team. Riders will be encouraged to pursue a schedule of races throughout the spring and summer.

The HS team will have the same coach line-up as the Race team.


The required equipment is a properly fitting, well-maintained xc-style mountain bike.



Program Dates: Feb 26th – Mid August


Program cost: $300.00 per month

*Traveling race support is an additional cost.*


Please contact the program director and head coach, Scott Leonard with questions.  scott.leonard@roaringforkcycling.org

For more information and for early season registration, Please Contact Kristen Heath.

Email kristen.heath@roaringforkcycling.org