Empowering Youth Through Cycling

Roaring Fork Cycling is a non-profit organization that provides skills-based cycling programs, clinics and camps for kids K-12.

Our Guiding Principles


RFC wants to get all youth on bikes, give them the skills to feel confident and safe, and ride with them as far as they want to go.


RFC aims to help provide these experiences to under-represented demographics. It doesn’t take much to get started in cycling, but if you still need help with equipment, please send us a personal email so we can help.


Coaches will have all the necessary training when it comes to teaching mountain biking skills and leading safe outdoor adventures.  Equally as important, our coaches will be trained as effective teachers, leaders, and mentors.

Stewardship & Advocacy

Young riders will learn how to be respectful ambassadors of the sport by understanding and practicing trail etiquette, serving as role models, and participating in trail work days.

Lifestyle, Life-long Sport

RFC hopes to instill a love for being outdoors and healthy lifestyle choices by participating in a sport that can carry youth into their advanced years. For some students, a natural evolution of this program will be to join a high school mountain bike team. For others, it may be simply to continue the sport in a non-competitive realm.

Teamwork & Social Engagement

Provide a fun, supportive program for children and young adults to work together and hang out with their peers.

Our Coaches

Roaring Fork Cycling’s team of coaches have been consistently trained to effectively teach mountain biking skills in a fun, safe environment. We require First Aid and CPR for all our coaches, and select members of RFC’s team have advanced First Aid and wilderness first aid training.  Equally as important, RFC’s coaches are effective teachers, leaders, and mentors.

We are building our team, and if spreading the love of cycling is part of your dream, join us!

Email us for further information about our coaching clinics and requirements.


Jon Delk


Garrett Alexander

Board of Directors

John Cibulsky, President
Heath Johnson, Vice President
Chris Hazleton, Treasurer
Trina Ortega, Secretary
Jonathan Delk
Meghan Detering
Chris Geiger
Kevin Jacobi

Our Partners